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Best of Lawrence 2020



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In one square: Artist Michael Benedetti uses architecture-inspired works to showcase life experiences

When artist Michael Benedetti first began exploring the idea of memories in his art, it was the summer of his third year of graduate school at the University of Georgia and he was taking measurements of everything in his apartment — everything from the space itself on down to his record collection.

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Microorganisms' 'crazy' structures inspire sculptor Shiyuan Xu

Leave it to an artist to draw inspiration from some of the most minuscule of muses. For Shiyuan Xu, a sculptor from Hangzhou, China and one of two artists in residence at the Lawrence Arts Center, her inspiration has largely come from subjects on the microscopic scale, unable to be seen by the naked eye.

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V2Ray 客户端-何先生:2021-6-10 · @何先生 何先生,麻烦请教下iOS客户端Quantumult怎么手工配置啊,网上搜了一晚上了都找不到手工配置方法,vmess的格式好像不对,网上那个在线转换格式的也不敢用啊,所以想请教下如何手工配置,Url 请求头over tls那里怎么填啊

Just My Socks 支持 V2ray 协议 | 科学上网站:Just My Socks提供V2ray协议支持,使用扫描二维码或者配置链接一键进行服务配置 在科学上网中V2ray已经成为很多人的标配,许多机场只提供v2ray的服务。在比较知名的机场里Just My Socks却是一个例外,一直只支持shadowsocks协议。


Tennessee Williams' classic 'The Glass Menagerie' opening at Theatre Lawrence

CentOS V2Ray Proxy _ 阁主手札:2021-3-27 · 直接执行命令:v2ray。 客户端 我以前用Sock5协议时刻由于只自己用,服务器也没对外开放相关端口,所以就只用用XShell [注2],实在要用客户端的场景,我有Proxifer,都够用了。这次想对比一下Vmess协议和Sock5哪个表现更好一些。所以装了个支持Vmess

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A look behind the scenes of Kansas' 2018 Final Four appearance

Beyond being the greatest stage in college basketball, the Final Four is also an incredible melting pot for fun, humanizing and quirky moments among players coaches and fans. It's also the ultimate landing spot for little stories that have built there way up to the national stage throughout the month of March.

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Art meets activism in Dave Loewenstein's works

Even if you don’t know who Dave Loewenstein is, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across his large-scale, community murals, which often stretch the length of the walls of Lawrence parks, schools, buildings, passageways and elsewhere. What you may not be aware of, is that there is a good chance that you’ve likewise come into contact with his small-scale work, which might be inconspicuously stuck to the side of a newspaper box or possibly wheat-pasted onto a wall.


My Favorite Game

vmess协议设计和实现缺陷可导致服务器遭到主动探测特征 ...:作为 V2Ray 的下游项目(Qv2ray)维护者之一,我希望 V2Ray 能对自己的协议实现进行充分的安全审计,尽可能避免类似的事情再度发生。 ps1: 测试了自用的本地服务器、香港服务器、日本服务器,凡裸 vmess + tcp,瞬间发现。

v2ray协议小中转机场推荐:Electry - 夜绫千裕:2021-6-13 · 该机场建立时间不长,是纯v2ray的,节点用的都是vmess协议。线路数量不多,但是质量还不错。有港台新加坡的IEPL专线,也有美日的CN2。(我比较想要俄罗斯节点,现在steam中国版说不定什么时候就冒出来,你看G胖像是那种能给两周时间无条件转出的人

The rains became unpredictable, societal chaos threatened, and so they walked. Nearly a thousand years later author Craig Childs also walked, trying to follow their ...

Get into PBS' 'Great American Read'

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. —George R.R. Martin I’m going to report this ...


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